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i think my body is as restless as my mind

24 / canada / 1.28.2014

saying goodbye is so hard. i love you, em.

heavy hearts - tranquility

this is a band from my hometown, and they’re fucking awesome. give this track a listen.

You're probably sick of getting messages like this, but you are just so gorgeous and seem like such a lovely guy I had to tell you :3

not at all! i’m always so, so flattered. thank you so much. you seem lovely as well, Dawn :)


The Other Man - Sloan

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7 months on t (in three days). Holy shit.

7 months on t (in three days). Holy shit.

transgender dysphoria blues - against me!

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i came out to my grandparents last night.

they are probably the most incredible people i know. they’ve been married for 56 years. they came over to canada from birmingham when my mom was about 4 or 5, and my aunt was 1 or 2. my nanny is definitely one of the kindest humans i’ve ever met. she never has any judgements on anyone or anything, and is so hilarious with a touch of spunk. she’s about 5’0”, does zumba and yoga every week, and kicks everyone’s ass at it. my gran-gran is probably the smartest person i’ve ever met. he knows everything about anything - we frequently take advantage of his knowledge whenever something electrical goes kaput. he’s also tender hearted, considerate, and thoughtful. he brings my nanny a tea every morning in bed, and usually scratches her back before bed. they are the fucking cutest. my nanny said last night that they are just much as in love as the day they met.

when my sister and i were saying goodbye, i decided that i had to come out to them before i left. my heart started fucking pounding…what a familiar feeling lately. i basically blurted out that i needed to tell them something, and they stood a little closer to me and asked what was wrong. i started to say that i’ve been going through something for a long time, and that i finally needed to tell them. i said that i have something called gender identity disorder, and blah blah blah. i could see my nanny’s eyes welling up as i talked…not with sadness or anger, but with happiness and sympathy. my could see my gran-gran smiling wide at me. they said they are so happy for me and felt so proud that i’ve taken necessary steps to feeling happy with myself. it was no big deal at all to them, and my nanny was so touched that i am taking her dad’s name as my middle name (Sidney).

they gave me innumerous hugs and started to try calling me noah right off the bat. my nanny even used the term transgender (when she was talking about the way “society is slowly changing for the better, for gay and transgender people”) and when i mentioned about how nervous i am to tell my dad’s parents about this, my gran-gran gave me some solid advice - “piss on them”.

i am so lucky to have them.

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Alexisonfire: Rough Hands

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Bad Medicine - Die Mannequin


Keith Haring


Keith Haring

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Adolescents - Incubus

I know there’s no such thing
As either of them
But it doesn’t make me feel any better

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